The Chronology

6th October 1996

General assembly appointed an enquiry commission to debate three points and report back to the general assembly.The BSAC publicly accepted the members of the commission that had been appointed.

The complete file of complaints was handed to the BSAC. And the BSAC declared that it would defend itself against all the complaints

a. Study the Claims against the BSAC

b. To receive the BSAC Comments against those claims

c To hear directly from the claiming federations if they so wish

26th January 1997

CMAS General Secretary asks the BSAC to expedite its defense.

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15th February 1997

Commission meeting canceled because BSAC could not attend or be represented.

The BSAC Defense has not be received

1st March 1997

CMAS Executive met in Rome and decided to have the meeting on the 17th May in Lausanne at the next General Assembly because the BSAC had not responded or attended when asked. Therefore the meeting would be held even in the absence of the BSAC

19th March 1997

BSAC Chairman informed of this decision by fax and mail

28th March 1997

Chris Allen Claims on Scuba Uk that "As it is my objective that we should remain in CMAS" He also referred to difficulties of a Latin Split and the complaints by members of the BSAC operating outside the UK

31st march 1997

Don Collier questioned why it was that the BSAC was not being represented on CMAS

1st April 1997

Chris Allen ignores the claim that the BSAC is not being represented in his email reply instead claiming that he was sorry that his reply did not suit Don Colliers political purpose!!

18th April 1997

Chris Allen stated on the Internet in a reply to a message from Lyn Weller "... However since we are seeking to resolve the difficulties we face and to remain within CMAS I trust it will prove to be a hypothetical question."

16th May 1997

The BSAC failed to provide any defense against the charges claiming instead that he claims had all been settled except with South Korea. The Argentine French Maltese and Portuguese denied that this was the case.

20th May 1997

BSAC Expelled from CMAS

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CMAS Briefing Note Claim Comment

This document was prepared using Minutes from CMAS Meetings, information provided by the CMAS, and from e-mails posted to a news service on
the Internet called Scuba UK. Ithas been published on this webb site to better inform members of the BSAC.
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